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About Amaro

Amaro is an Italian liqueur that is commonly used as an after-dinner digestif to improve digestion and salute a great meal. Amaro, which is Italian for bitter, is created with an intricate maceration of herbs, roots, flowers, bark, citrus peels, and a variety of plants.

The liqueur is typically served neat with a citrus wedge, on ice, or with tonic water. More recently, amaro has been introduced in craft cocktail recipes. 

Our Amaro

The namesake for Amaro Cinpatrazzo is a combination of Cindy, Pat, and the Italian word 'razzo'. Razzo, which technically translates to rocket, is also a name for arugula. Arugula, a major ingredient in Amaro Cinpatrazzo, is grown at Urban Till, a Chicago hydroponics farm. 

Many of the 19 botanicals incorporated in Amaro Cinpatrazzo are sourced from farms and organic suppliers. The amaro is handcrafted by steeping botanicals in grain neutral spirits. Perfectly ripe Seville oranges are also added to provide a full flavor experience. Amaro Cinpatrazzo is then steeped with Stover's honey as a simple syrup, filtered, and bottled.

While some commerically-made amaro is artificially colored, Amaro Cinpatrazzo is entirely natural. Beppe & the Architect ensures quality ingredients and avoids artifical flavoring, coloring, and preservatives to create an authetic experience for the palate. 

Many other ingredients are carefully balanced in our well-tested recipe to provide a strong front, middle, and back of the throat experience. We don't want to spoil the secret, but a few ingredients we care to share include vanilla bean, coffee, and hazelnut.

Amaro Cinpatrazzo is an intimate culmination of a lifetime of amaro adoration, and it is the only liqueur crafted by Beppe & the Architect. Focusing on Amaro Cinpatrazzo allows the greatest attention to detail in every small handcrafted batch.

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