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Chicago’s Amaro Cinpatrazzo - One of Ten ‘Other World Amari’ in The Big Book of Amaro

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, September 2021 - Amaro Cinpatrazzo is one of ten “Other World Amari” in this comprehensive book and the only Amaro highlighted from Chicago. Pat Magner and Cindy Tegtmeyer, the producers of Amaro Cinpatrazzo, “are thrilled to be included along side the list of historic names like Fernet-Branca, Averna and Montenegro. To be spotlighted as a new brand during a period ‘when the United States is the new Mecca of amaro’ is a great honor for us and Chicago.”

Matteo Zed, a leading amaro expert and the bar manager of The Court in Rome, has released The Big Book of Amaro featuring over 300 Amari from around the world. It was released in English on August 24, 2021.


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Pat or Cindy at 708-752-2886 or


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