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Amaro Cinpatrazzo listed as one of the "Amari Dal Mondo" (Amari of the World)

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Amaro Cinpatrazzo is proud to announce that they are one of ten Amari listed in the new book by Matteo Zed entitled, Il Grande Libro Dell' Amaro Italiano. This book, currently published in the Italian language, is a reflection of the author's passion and obsession with Amari.

This compendium of Amari provides insight into over 300 labels, their producers and their stories. The majority of the Amari highlighted are of Italian and European origin, but, Zed dedicates a chapter to the Amari of the World, highlighting the growth in appreciation of the bitter spirit in other countries. The chapter highlights 10 Amari from other part of the world including the US, Trinidad-Tobago, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. Amaro Cinpatrazzo is the only Amaro listed from Chicago. Illinois.

Matteo "Zed" Zamberlan is an internationally renowned Bartender, and one of the leading bitter experts in the world. His book is a recognition of what he sees as 'an authentic renaissance of local digestives underway, in the wake of a veritable 'bitter-mania'. He currently resides in Rome and is at the helm of The Court, a new bar inside the five-star hotel Palazzo Manfredi. Prior to that, he consulted with the owner of Il Marchese in Rome to open Amaro Bar, the first in Europe dedicated to amaro. In his earlier career, he spent time in Japan as well as in the United States at several well-known international restaurants and bars.


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